We are currently offering Keycloak for Developers, a 3-day course covering all aspects of Keycloak, from installation/configuration and
OpenID Connect basics to customization, debugging and troubleshooting.

In the course, we’ve made a special accent on extending Keycloak, a topic that is much beyond the official docs. While developing in-house
software, we’ve collected a lot of essential, yet undocumented techniques and published them as an open-source blueprint, BeerCloak.

The course consists of 2 lectures and 10 hands-ons, which includes line-by-line study of BeerCloak.

The course is available both on-site and as a live virtual class. Please contact us to get a quote.

Also let us know if you want the course extended/reduced and/or its focus shifted (for example, from extending Keycloak to administering or securing heterogeneous systems) or otherwise tailored to your needs.